Tips for Efficiently & Seamlessly Moving Offices

Tips for Efficiently & Seamlessly Moving Offices

Moving offices can be a huge responsibility, but with effective pre-move planning and coordinating you can have an efficient and seamless transition to your new office space with little downtime in your day-to-day business operations. Whether you make the decision to hire professional office movers or not, we have several helpful tips to get you and your staff moving in the right direction and resuming business as usual as quick as possible:

1. Plan Early

Planning early is crucial to accomplishing an efficient move that stays within your company’s budget. It’s key to have an effective strategy and assign responsibilities for packing up the old location as well as a solid plan for what will take place once you arrive at your new location.

2. Appoint a Moving Director

Assigning one point of contact to oversee that the transition from the old office to the new office is going according to plan will make things easier for everyone involved in the relocation. Ideally, this person should be an organized leader who is able to muti-task and communicate competently with staff, commercial facilities and property managers to keep your office moving project on schedule.

3. Keep Employees Updated on the Moving Timeline

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, but by keeping your staff apprised of the moving deadline and their assigned tasks you will reduce stress and create a positive environment for transition. Employees should be informed of the new location address, important numbers, parking and facility rules in advance of the move in order to keep the transition flowing naturally.

4. Schedule IT Disconnect and Reconnect in Advance

Whether you have a full IT department or limited tech resources, taking care of your IT properly is one of the most difficult parts of moving offices. Disconnect all equipment, properly label and carefully pack everything so that it arrives safely at the new location. Once at the new space, coordinate to have all equipment checked, unpacked and connected efficiently so that everything is operational for your employees to get back to work quickly.

5. Discuss Safety and Ways to Avoid Injuries during Moving

When moving offices, it is imperative that you and your staff take every precaution to avoid injuries and trip and fall hazards. Discuss proper lifting techniques with your employees and keep in mind when packing boxes, they should be filled light enough to safely carry without difficulties. Make sure each moving box is properly labeled, closed and taped so that nothing falls out or is misplaced during transition.

6. Plan For Your Extra Furniture and Equipment

Eliminating clutter before moving will help avoid unnecessary packing of excess, broken or damaged equipment. By planning in advance, you can sell, recycle or properly dispose of the business assets that will not make the move to the new office.

7. Hire a Professional Office Relocation Service

Professional office movers have experience managing office moving projects as well as moving a wide gamut of office furniture and equipment. They will be able to step in and devise, coordinate and execute an effective moving strategy that will safely and efficiently relocate your team from your old office space to your new location with ease.

Do you have all aspects of your office move squared away? Worried you don’t have the staff or time to commit to planning a smooth shift to your new office space? Houston Office Solutions is here to help! We have over thirty years of experience and our team is trained to pay attention to the most minor details so that we can be prepared with solutions before an unforeseen problem arises when moving offices. Contact us today at (281) 715-6362 and let the professional office movers with Houston Office Solutions facilitate all the details of your move.


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