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Our services are ideal for companies that do not have a dedicated IT department or for businesses whose IT personnel are already inundated with other tasks.

If your company has limited IT resources, and you would like to get your staff back to work as soon as possible. We specialize in cautious and dependable IT disconnect/reconnect services for CPUs, docking stations, printers (local and network), trading desks, telephones and more.

We Get Your Workspace Ready for Business

Moving those fragile items should not be left to any moving company, because it is a job for trained and experienced professionals in office moving services. Houston Office Solutions will move and reassemble your equipment with the utmost care, so you don’t have to be concerned with disconnecting and reconnecting devices.

  • We integrate IT relocation solutions into the overall move plan.
  • Our technicians will safely disconnect equipment and machines, properly label all items and securely bag all cords, mice, keyboards and other peripherals before relocation.
  • We check to make sure that everything has arrived, unpack the equipment, reconnect all equipment (including cable management), and ensure the equipment is operational.
  • Your staff arrives at the new office with their electronic devices, computers and equipment ready to begin a new workday.

Our Professional Services Include

We bring a high level of communication and years of experience to the table to make your office function!

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