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We Help You Plan for Your Surplus Assets and Meet Moving Deadlines

Houston Office Solutions gets you up and running in your new location and completely decommissions your former workspace.

Let Us Decommission Your Vacated Office Space

There is so much to manage when preparing to move into a new office that oftentimes the space you are vacating is overlooked. With a new location comes new furniture and equipment, and the old assets are no longer needed and must be removed from the space. It’s crucial for a successful move to plan, early on in the moving process, for the location you are moving out of, including disposing of and recycling your unneeded electronics, furniture and more.

We help you recycle, dispose or liquidate vacated office furniture!

  • By selling, recycling and donating, you are diverting surplus assets from landfills.
  • Our team will inventory all assets to be decommissioned.
  • We provide donation receipts for tax purposes.
  • Our services include broom-cleaning and disposal services.

Our Professional Services Include

We bring a high level of communication and years of experience to the table to make your office function!

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